Lost Innocence Awakening

Lost Innocence Awakening 

Artist: Savior Monroe

Release: February 8, 2019


The first project I ever reviewed for Savior Monroe was for his debut album ‘Illuminating Darkness,’ and let’s just say, it wasn’t very good. It had its good and bad like most starting artist, but it seemed the bad outweighed the good. That was almost seven years ago, and it seems like Savior used that time wisely. He’s taken the criticism he’s received over the years and used it to fuel his growth.

The first single released from ‘Lost Innocence Awakening’ was ‘Never Satisfied.’ Definitely a head banger. He addressed the critics, the naysayers, and even industry execs who want him to conform to a certain trend to “get on.” Well, he’s made it clear that he’s not conforming because they’re never satisfied anyway. However, he’s going to keep grinding until he’s satisfied.

This track was definitely a good first single to get us all ready for what Savior Monroe had in store. One thing that I did notice was the dated sound of the hook and the beat. Which Saviors says was intentional.

“I chose the vintage sound on purpose. I wanted the whole album to have a classic feel. So if some of it sounds “dated” it was purposeful.”

            -Savior Monroe

It was definitely a sound that stuck throughout the album, and a sound that was done well. With a sleuth of various producers such as Kay Y, Don Bo, and The Spoonist Bard, he was able to bring back the sound of a very missed time in hip hop. It took me back to early 00’s and was reminiscent of classic albums like The Blackout and The W. A great example is the track ‘Threat to Society’ instantly took me back to ‘Cereal Killer,’ off of Red and Meths ‘Blackout.’

But enough of his beats, the best part of this album is the lyricism. Savior and his features are spitting fire. There were times where I found myself yelling, “Talk that shit!” as I listened in. This album didn’t just touch my lyrical bone, this album also touched my soul. From tracks like ‘Serpah,’ where he discusses the failings of our current medical system in regards to his mom; to ‘The Same Us,’ where he speaks on the very big issue within the black community of police brutality. Bars on top of bars is all I thought as I nodded my head along in agreement.

There was one track, that made me stop and replay. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. ‘Touch The Clouds,’ gave us a little more of the fun side of Savior from the beat to the lyrics. However, there was one part by his feature 1 I Sinny that had that Wu shock factor. He even said “shout to RZA,” before he proceeded to spit. I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what he meant when he said:

““If you bring your momma witcha, I’ll eat her pussy
And then throw it up your sistas placenta
Type of nigga that’ll split you for chips and a swisha
Toss you over a building and kill ya like Quincy did Bishop….

                -1 I Sinny

Now the ‘Juice’ reference I definitely got, but the eating of the pussy and the sisters placenta. What the fuck! What does that even mean is all I could think. There’s definitely that wow factor with ‘Lost Innocence Awakening’ that’s easily missed if you don’t truly listen. Savior Monroe didn’t hold back with this one and I loved it. With past projects, it seemed like there was a disconnect between Savior Monroe the performer and Savior Monroe the studio artist. ‘Lost Innocence Awakening,’ has proven to me that he’s successfully infused the two.

My top tracks in no particular order:


  • Serpah

  • The Rip

  • Stay In Your Lane

  • Guilty Until Proven Innocence

  • Touch The Clouds ft. 1 I Sinny

  • Flesh N Blood

  • The Same Us

  • Threat to Society

  • Blinded ft. MoMo Roberts


I would certainly urge all of you out there to take the time and click the link below and support this artist; you can stream and purchase the album. You can also go ahead and listen to some of Savior Monroe’s older projects. He also has music available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes. I know you won’t be disappointed.

Lost Innocence Awakening

Never Satisfied Official Video